Caraway Just Launched a New Angle on Cookware: Shop Caraway Squareware

Crafting non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-stick pots and pans with a pop of color and convenient storage, Caraway has quickly become a kitchen favorite. From viral, high-quality nonstick cookware to gorgeous tea kettles, the internet just can’t get enough of the brand known for creating cookware and bakeware without chemicals. 

Now, Caraway puts a unique twist on its signature pots and pans with its new Squareware Collection. As the name suggests, Squareware is square-shaped, standing apart from the traditional round pans. The Squareware Collection from Caraway includes a double burner griddle, a square grill pan, a square griddle pan and a roasting pan, along with new modular storage to keep things squared away.

Shop Caraway’s Squareware Collection

Turns out is is hip to be a square, as there are plenty of benefits to having cookware with a rectangular shape. The latest pans from Caraway have the same signature non-toxic and non-stick ceramic coating, but boast a larger surface area, making them a great choice for big families or for days when you’re entertaining. Like all Caraway sets, the new Squareware Set is built to withstand temperatures of up to 550°F, meaning it can be used on top of the stove as well as in the oven.

The new collection is available as a set or à la carte for those who just need one or two things. Score these pans in the vivid and stylish colors Caraway is known for including cream, navy, marigold, sage, gray and terracotta, as well as the black and white iconic styles that feature gold hardware instead of the standard silver. 

Ready to upgrade your kitchen? Check out the Squareware Collection from Caraway below.

Squareware Set


Squareware Set

Save by shopping the entire Squareware Set. You’ll also get the modular storage unit that takes away the chaos typically associated with storing pots and pans.


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