’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell-All: Christian Asks Cleo to Marry Him

During part two of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days‘ tell-all special that aired on Sunday, Christian and Cleo revealed that they’re still together despite experiencing some trust issues — mainly, Christian being overly friendly to other women — and Christian shockingly said he’s getting ready to take the next step in their relationship. However, his fellow castmates had a lot to say about his behavior this season, which Christian refused to apologize for.

Christian revealed that although Cleo joined the tell-all remotely, she recently stayed at his house for a month. She met all of his female family members, though Christian didn’t want her to meet his male family members given their previous criticism of Cleo being a transgender woman. Although the meeting went well, Cleo’s friend, Jane, appeared on the tell-all remotely to say she still saw major red flags with Christian, her main concern being he still chats with other women. She revealed that Cleo still had concerns about that after cameras stopped rolling this season, and Cleo said it was “just one incident” where she felt he crossed her boundaries. Christian said the incident had to do with his interactions with a woman online but defended himself, noting that he was an extrovert and simply liked talking to people and making friends.

“I didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong,” he said.

When they replayed his flirty interactions with other women at the bar this season — including calling himself “a wolf on the prowl” —  Cleo admitted she felt like she was never going to be enough given the attention he craves from other people, which he said wasn’t true. His fellow castmates were clearly not fans of his, calling his actions “disgusting” and “disrespectful.”

“That’s just the way that I act in a bar, in a public scene,” he responded. “I’m there to have fun. I’m not there to be a square and sit in a corner and not talk to anyone.”

Producers then brought out the woman Christian flirted with at a bar and bizarrely invited over to celebrate Thanksgiving with him and Cleo. The woman, whose name is Debra, said that if she didn’t know he had a girlfriend, she would think it was “100 percent flirtation” and trying to fish to see where the conversation would lead. His fellow castmates accused him of being inappropriate and self-centered.

Fellow castmate Amanda commented, “Your ego is through the roof right now,” while Statler called him a narcissist.

“Your best friend is probably the mirror,” Statler cracked as Christian just sat there in disbelief.

Christian passionately responded, “I feel like I’m being attacked right now just for being who I am. I’ve been called a narcissist, a flirt, I mean, on the brink of allegations of cheating or attempting to cheat, I find that way off base.”

Dempsey pointed out that instead of trying to correct his behavior, Christian either attacked back or spoke for Cleo. Meanwhile, Jasmine pleaded for Cleo to stand up for herself and Cleo said she is in fact putting up boundaries. Christian then dropped a bombshell out of nowhere, saying that instead of him planning to go to London to visit Cleo again, he wanted Cleo to stay with him permanently in America. He then asked her if she was willing to marry him. But when fellow castmate Riley asked if this was a proposal, he backtracked, noting that this was “not official” and of course he would propose in person. 

“After everything we’ve been through is it something you would consider is what I’m saying,” he clarified.

Cleo said she loved Christian but that this wasn’t the place to talk about him asking her to marry him. When host Shaun Robinson pressed if this was a proposal, Christian responded, “Definitely I would say on one of these trips she can anticipate that that’s probably going to happen.”

While Cleo responded with an excited, “Baby!,” her friend Jane somberly said she was “shattered.”


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