Home Business 'No-brainer climate policy': Charities call for state-backed EV leasing scheme for healthcare workers

'No-brainer climate policy': Charities call for state-backed EV leasing scheme for healthcare workers

'No-brainer climate policy': Charities call for state-backed EV leasing scheme for healthcare workers

There are growing calls for the government to introduce a special electric vehicle (EV) subsidy scheme for healthcare workers, who rely on driving to make home visits across the country.

Climate charity Possible claims that it would be a 'no-brainer climate policy' to introduce a government-backed scheme that would allow healthcare workers to lease electric cars at a lower cost, arguing that this would reduce transport costs and emissions employees would decrease

A report published last weekend by Possible, the Care Workers Charity and non-profit EV analyst New Automotive said such a plan would boost recruitment and retention in the healthcare sector by reducing operating costs for employees.

Analysis in the report shows that healthcare workers could save £524 a year on fuel costs for solo work by switching from fossil fuel vehicles to an 'average efficiency' electric car leased through a government-backed scheme, at provided that they charge their home during off-peak hours. o'clock.

As such, the organizations describe the policy proposal as “a win-win-win for social care, the climate, the economy and for social justice – contributing to a just transition to net zero”.

“A government-backed social leasing program would allow healthcare workers to avoid debt and reduce their travel costs, while helping to reduce emissions and care for the country's most vulnerable people,” said Izzy Romilly, sustainable transport campaign manager at Possible. .

“This is a no-brainer climate policy, bringing electric vehicles to the parts of society where they are needed most. We can reduce carbon emissions while putting more money in the pockets of the people who do some of the world's most important work.”

A dedicated EV program could be modeled on a regime already in place in France, where low-income, high-mileage workers could lease an EV for €100 a month, the organizations said. The government would act as a guarantor for private individuals leasing the vehicle, making the financing package offered more accessible and affordable.

Britain's 900,000 home care workers are responsible for an estimated four million miles a day, making it responsible for a significant proportion of Britain's surface transport emissions.

The report details how high petrol and diesel costs are negatively impacting the incomes of healthcare workers across the country, who are routinely required to drive hundreds of miles to visit sick, disabled and vulnerable clients.

But by introducing such a scheme, the organizations estimate that healthcare workers could save as much as £997 a year, provided they charge their homes during off-peak times.

Karolina Gerlich, chief executive of the Care Workers Charity, said reliable vehicles are “vital” for countless care workers, especially those in rural areas.

“Because we understand the significant benefits that more reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles can bring to healthcare providers, their employers and those relying on social care, we enthusiastically welcome a scheme that not only supports healthcare providers financially, but also contributes towards a greener future for generations to come,” she said.

The Department of Transport was considering a comment at the time of going to press.

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